We are passionate about what we do!

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About Us

Due to our passion for the industry, we started DeTomaso Trading in 2015.We will continue to expand our knowledge and products to continue to give exceptional service to our customers. 

Family owned and managed, DeTomaso Trading comes with over 15 years of National and International Automotive and Industrial product and service experience. 

Services Includes:


  1. Manual & Auto Gearbox Repairs and Servicing
  2. Side-shaft Replacements
  3. Wheel Bearing Pressing
  4. Differential Repairs
  5. Clutch Kit Replacements
  6. Brake Replacement
  7.  Electronic Diagnostics
  8. Suspension Repairs
  9. Minor Service  


  1. New & Used Manual & Auto Gearbox Component 
  2. Side-shafts
  3. Wheel Bearings
  4. Diff Bearing Kits
  5. Gearbox Bearing Kits 
  6. Diff Components
  7. Brake Pads
  8. Oil
  9. Filters
  10. Spark Plugs
  11. Ignition Coils
  12. Water Pumps
  13. Thermostarts
  14. Fuel Pumps
  15. Fuel and Radiator Caps
  16. WARN Winches
  17. Hi Lift Jacks 


We continue to break industry norms, as we prefer to lead rather than follow!